Monday, January 11, 2010

WRBA Announces Plan To Report Out-Of-State Vehicles

The Woodhaven Residents' Block Association announced a program to report out-of-state vehicles that have remained parked on a Woodhaven street for extended periods of time.

Woodhaven residents should call the WRBA if an automobile with license plates from outside New York has been parked on their street for more than a month. After gathering information from the caller, the WRBA will contact the appropriate agency from the vehicle's state to inform them of the vehicle's whereabouts and to ask them to investigate whether the vehicle is appropriately registered.

“Parking has historically been hard to find in Woodhaven," said WRBA Director Vance Barbour. "If these vehicles' owners are dodging local state regulations, and skipping out on paying fees to New York State like the rest of the community pays, we owe it to our residents to call it to the attention of the proper authorities.”

The announcement, which came at the WRBA's open meeting this past Saturday, is a response to many Woodhaven residents' complaints about out-of-state vehicles taking up parking spaces and potentially evading the law.

"This is just one initiative in what's sure to be an exciting year of progress," said Edward K. Wendell, the WRBA's new president.

The WRBA's office phone number is (718) 296-3735.

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WRBA office: (718) 296-3735